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Declan McKenna

Virtual Fan Concert

6 May 2022

Virtual Timecoded Concert Performance 2022

Declan McKenna live @ Brixton Academy

Lighting, Video & Production Design - Oliver Hynds

Drafting in @vectorworks 2022
Programming in MA2 (Ultra Light)
Previs in Capture Symphony 2021
Show control / Timecode via Qlab
Video Content in @adobe After effects & Premiere Pro
3D cleanup in Houdini

This project was a way to learn MA2 as well as apply production design to a real venue (O2 Brixton Academy). Initially I started by modelling Brixton in Vectorworks from information online about the venue which I followed by designing and drawing the staging & lighting/video design for the show.

I used Houdini to clean up & optimise the OBJ from vectorworks and imported this into Capture. I used MVR to import the lighting fixtures. Timecode was produced with Qlab (with a pro audio and video licence) - I used MIDI Timecode (MTC) and streamed this via the network to a windows computer in session running RTP MIDI to receive the MCT. I also used syphon and syphon->NDI to stream the video from Qlab into the capture render PC. As I only had access to an MA2 Ultra light I was limited on parameters so cross patch serval fixtures. I also had limited time with the hardware I needed for the show (It took 3 powerful laptops at once to make this setup work). All round it was a really fun project and will definitely be looking to program in MA2 more.

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