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The LivingRoom


29 November 2023

Watch The Full Video Here

“The Living Room” Live on the 29th of November. My final year graduation project from GSMD about lighting & Production design for TV music. 

A huge thank you to the following companies for making this possible !

  • Ambersphere Solutions

  • CuePilot

  • Neg Earth Lights

  • Pixel Mappers

  • Quantum Creative

  • SLX

  • Southby Productions

Production Credits:

Producer & Production Manager: Justin Anderson

Lighting designer / programmer, Production Designer & DOP: Oliver Hynds

Sound Engineer: Finn Rowden

Lighting Crew Chief: James Calliss

Rigger: Nick Dyne

Camera No. 1: Sam Bernstein

Camera Operator: Tom Shackleton

Camera Operator: Owen Kelly

Follow Spot: Ed Frearson

Follow Spot: Eli Hunt

Automation Operator: Brighton temple

Automation Operator: Bea Taylor

Sound No. 2: Casey Howson

Lighting Crew : Peter Adams

Lighting Crew : Dallas Thompson

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